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Despite the advent of the Internet, the main source of private data for identity thieves continues to be stolen or misplaced purses and wallets. Take care to safeguard the important personal information you carry publicly every day. If your security is compromised, report it to law enforcement immediately and contact an attorney about possible legal remedies.

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Do you suspect that someone has used your personal information (Social Security number, drivers' license number, account numbers, date of birth, employer or taxpayer ID number, passport number etc.) for unauthorized or fraudulent activity?
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Please describe briefly the relevant facts.

Do you know the identity of any person(s) who may be involved?

Please list any merchants or financial institutions with which the identity thief may have dealt fraudulently.

Please list any police departments or other law enforcement agencies with which you have filed complaints.

Have you filed an identity theft report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)?
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If so, when?

Have you reported the identity theft to any credit bureau?
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If so, please provide details.

Do you suspect the identity thief may have committed other fraud in your name, such as entering into leases, contracts, or mortgages; obtaining employment; or posing as you in the commission of other crimes?
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If so, please provide details.

How much personal time have you used trying to discover and solve this identity theft problem?

How much money do you estimate you have spent trying to discover and solve this identity theft problem?

Has your credit rating or reputation been harmed?

Has the theft of your identity caused you mental, emotional, or physical problems (such as anxiety, fear, paranoia, anger, fatigue, insomnia, physical manifestations of anxiety, or exacerbation of previous illness)?
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If so, please elaborate.

Please provide any other relevant details.

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