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Bankrupt Virginians learn how to rejuvenate their credit

Bankrupt Virginians learn how to rejuvenate their credit

For those who have filed for bankruptcy protection, it might seem as though their financial lives have been upended. However, there is a way to revive one’s credit and recharge one’s financial well-being. According to Bankrate.com, bankruptcy filers should consider making a plan and setting goals toward getting back to having a sound financial standing and credit score.

For example, bankruptcy filers should not seek to borrow money too soon after filing, but rather they should strive to pay their current monthly obligations on time in order to re-establish their credit. Additionally, individuals should keep close watch of their credit reports and scores to ensure that there are no errors and/or missing information. Furthermore, some may want to improve their credit by opening a secured credit card account soon after the bankruptcy has been discharged.

The emotional side of bankruptcy

For most individuals, the decision to file for bankruptcy protection is not an easy one. People often lose confidence, and for some, their self-worth is closely connected with their financial standing.

There are, however, a couple of things that those who have filed for bankruptcy protection should keep in mind as they grapple with their feelings. Getting in touch with those feelings and concerns can help individuals learn from their mistakes and focus on the ultimate end result – financial rejuvenation.

Dealing with reality and starting over

Bankruptcy filers should focus on certain goals, including:

• Taking steps to make sure that they are financially secure in the future.

• Moving on from the feelings of loss and shame and letting go of blame and resentment.

• Working on getting their finances under control so that they can regain an overall sense of control of their life in general.

Although many people who have filed bankruptcy believe that their financial lives are over, individuals should work on viewing the filing as a new beginning for their finances and their families.

Being proactive in working to recharge one’s financial standing will not only help improve credit scores, but it can also put individuals on the road to financial success in the future. Individuals who would like to learn more about reviving their financial lives after bankruptcy might want to consider contacting a bankruptcy attorney for more details.