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Firm Overview

Manassas Consumer Fraud and Credit Issues Lawyer

The Law Firm That Cares About You

For 30 years, the law office of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., in Manassas has offered strong consumer protection for people in Prince William County and throughout Northern Virginia. We are committed to upholding your rights under the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Truth in Lending Act (TILA), lemon laws, warranty laws, and other state and federal consumer protection guidelines. In addition to consumer protections, we are skilled in litigating mold issues related to construction projects, as well as in matters involving landlord-tenant disputes. When you choose us, we will aggressively pursue the rights you are entitled to by law and see that you are treated fairly.

E-mail us or call us at 703-659-0188 to set up an initial consultation with a trusted consumer protection attorney.

Aggressive Consumer Advocacy

Our goal is to find those responsible for any type of consumer mistreatment and see that they are held accountable. We have extensive experience addressing issues involving identity theft, as well as repossession and deficiency defense. We will exhaust all options to meet this goal, starting with a firm demand that the business or credit bureau in question right the wrong and compensate our client for any damage that the error or mistreatment has caused.

If they are unwilling to fulfill our requests, we will take your case to the next level. Tom Breeden and his highly qualified team have the knowledge and experience to take consumer fraud, Fair Credit Report Act violations, and other consumer protection matters to court. We are diligent and committed to the results you deserve.

Strong Advocacy in Other Legal Services

While Tom Breeden devotes a big share of his practice to consumer fraud and credit issues, he also offers experienced and effective representation in other practice areas.

We Care About You

We demonstrate our devotion to clients by providing you with personal attention from a dedicated lawyer. At the outset of your case, we will take the time to go over the possible outcomes, the choices you will have to make along the way and all of the steps involved. We believe in setting realistic expectations. Then we work hard to exceed those expectations.

Arrange an Initial Consultation

To discuss your legal problem with an experienced and personable attorney, contact us online or call us at 703-659-0188 today. We accept most major credit cards, and handle many cases on a contingency fee basis. We offer focused initial consultations for a reduced fee.