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Manassas Probate Litigation Attorney

Northern Virginia Will Contest Attorney

  • Do you believe a loved one’s will was fraudulently drafted?
  • Is the estate in question under attack by false claims?
  • Do you have other grounds to challenge a will?

At the law firm of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., we offer strong protection of your interests. Our experienced probate litigation attorney represents excluded heirs, lost heirs, the estate or the executor in contested will proceedings. Based in Manassas, we practice in Prince William County and surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. Call 703-659-0188 for an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and options.

A will can be challenged on many grounds:

  • Competency — Was your loved one “of sound mind and body” when the will was drafted?
  • Undue influence — Did someone close to the deceased convince him or her to rewrite the will (to the exclusion of others or their own personal benefit)?
  • Fraud — Is the will valid? Was it altered? Was it properly signed and witnessed?
  • Misappropriation — Did someone help themselves to assets of the estate they are not entitled to?

Intestacy also leads to probate litigation. When a person with significant assets dies without a will, others may come forward claiming to be offspring or relatives in line to inherit. It may be necessary to conduct DNA tests or even exhume the body to prove or disprove a claim, all of which require court intervention.

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Probate litigation can create major rifts in families. Attorney Tom Breeden aims to resolve will disputes quickly, emphatically and discreetly. Contact our Manassas office today to discuss your situation.