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We are grateful to be open and to be able to continue to work hard for our clients. In addition to our normal consumer advocacy, we are available for contract reviews, simple wills and medical power of attorneys. Our office is providing telephone consultations at this time to avoid any unnecessary contact for the safety of our clients and staff.
Aggressively Pursuing The Rights
Of Consumers And Business
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Manassas Bankruptcy Attorney

Virginia Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

When debt piles up and the creditors start calling, you have options. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a way for you to get your financial situation back on track. Manassas, Virginia, lawyer Thomas R. Breeden has years of experience representing consumers and will work to protect your interests in bankruptcy.

At the law firm of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., we put clients first. We maintain regular contact with clients seeking bankruptcy. Contact us or call 703-659-0188 today to schedule an initial consultation with a Manassas bankruptcy attorney.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy provides debtors with an option to begin a financial fresh start by allowing some types of debt to be discharged. The most common causes of debt issues are medical illnesses, job losses and unmanageable credit card bills. Our bankruptcy attorney helps debtors who have fallen on hard times no matter what prompted the overwhelming debt.

To qualify for bankruptcy you must fulfill the means test. The test is a way for the Bankruptcy Court to determine your eligibility to file for bankruptcy based on your income, assets, debts and liabilities. Not all people qualify for bankruptcy, but the new changes to the Bankruptcy Code make it possible for many individuals to meet the requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are eligible under the means test, filing for bankruptcy is a way to stop creditor harassment because the court will enter an automatic stay. The stay prohibits creditors from calling and bothering you about your debt. If the creditors violate the automatic stay after the discharge of your bankruptcy, attorney Breeden can assist you with permanent stay enforcement. Bankruptcy proceedings can also encourage lenders to work with you to devise debt workout plans or loan modifications.

Protecting the Rights of Consumers

Mr. Breeden’s emphasis on consumer law is an asset for bankruptcy clients because he is able to more quickly recognize issues that may have led to your debt problems, such as mortgage lending scams, credit issues and debt collector abuse. In these situations, a consumer protection advocate such as Mr. Breeden knows how to fight for your rights.

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When you need help with debt relief issues, contact bankruptcy attorney Thomas R. Breeden in Manassas, Virginia, or call 888-704-5385 to schedule an initial case evaluation.

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