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Manassas Car Accident Lawyer

Virginia Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Were you injured in a car accident due to the negligent actions of another motorist? If so, you are likely experiencing a range of medical, financial and legal complications as a result. With help from the law offices of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., fair compensation for your losses can be obtained, and your problems can be resolved.

If you or your loved one was injured in a Manassas area car accident, call the law offices of Thomas R. Breeden at 703-659-0188 to schedule your initial consultation.

Helping Car Accident Victims Throughout Northern Virginia

Our personal injury practice attends to the legal needs of various types of injured people. We handle the legal needs of clients who have been injured in car accidents, trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents. Additionally, we have the experience and the determination necessary to address complex legal matters involving drunk driving accidents or accidents caused by defective products.

Our firm also represents clients injured in serious semi crashes and 18 wheeler accidents. With the unfair advantage of a truck’s size and speed, these cases usually require more attention due to the seriousness of the injuries caused after a truck accident. We have the necessary resources to handle complicated accident cases and protect your interests after a catastrophic truck or motor vehicle accident.

As a consumer protection attorney, Thomas R. Breeden is dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured by the negligence of others. Whether the car, truck or motorcycle crash that injured you was caused by another person or a faulty automobile component, Thomas R. Breeden can help hold responsible parties accountable. He possesses a strong background in consumer protection law, making him effective in car accident claims involving elements of product liability.

We Have the Resources to Dedicate to Your Case

Our firm has the capacity to help people who have sustained serious, life-altering injuries. With 30 years of trial experience, Mr. Breeden is a vigorous negotiator who is not afraid to take your case to trial to obtain fair compensation on your behalf. You have the right to request compensation for your medical care, lost wages, permanent injury from the accident, and ongoing suffering/loss of enjoyment of life.

We Provide Initial Consultations

Let a law firm that cares about you handle your claim. Contact Thomas R. Breeden for an initial personal injury case evaluation. We receive no attorney fee unless we recover compensation for you in personal injury matters.