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Manassas Simple Wills Lawyer

Are Your Plans in Place?

Call Our Manassas Lawyer to Draft a Simple Will

Don’t think that wills are only for “rich people.” Don’t make the mistake of believing that your family knows your wishes or will know what to do. Simple wills are actually complex instructions that protect you and your loved ones if anything happens.

The law office of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., offers an initial consultation at 703-659-0188. Attorney Tom Breeden customizes wills for clients in Manassas, Virginia and throughout Prince William County.

Elements of a Simple Will

  • A will allows you to say who will inherit your estate. If you die without a will, a probate court will distribute your assets according to Virginia statute, perhaps to unintended heirs.
  • In addition to protecting your children’s inheritance, you may wish to name a guardian for your minor children. Though not binding, the court will consider your preference.
  • Many people forget about their animal companions. Simple wills can designate who will care for your pet and set aside a portion of your estate in trust to fund the animal’s ongoing care.
  • A will also guides family members if you are incapacitated by illness, accident or mental infirmity. A medical power of attorney appoints a family member or trusted friend to make decisions about your general health care if you cannot. A living will states your issues regarding life support and end-of-life care.

Mr. Breeden generally recommends against a durable power of attorney for your personal and business affairs. He has seen too many cases of appointees who depleted family assets through greed or incompetence, and there is no recourse once the damage is done. If you do establish power of attorney, it should be specific and limited.

Tom Breeden has practiced law in Virginia for 30 years. He sits down with you to examine your financial picture, define your goals and ensure that simple wills cover all the bases. Arrange Initial consultation today to establish peace of mind for tomorrow.