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Manassas Car Dealer Fraud Attorney

Northern Virginia Lemon Law Lawyer

A motor vehicle is a major investment. When you make that investment, you put a great deal of trust in the dealer you choose to purchase from. Unfortunately, there are many auto dealers who will not hesitate to take advantage of that trust. If you have been a victim of dealer fraud or any other form of mistreatment when buying a car, truck, motorcycle, mobile home or other vehicle, we are here for you.

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Since 1991, the law firm of Thomas R. Breeden has stood up for the rights of consumers. In Manassas and throughout Northern Virginia, people turn to us. When it comes to consumer protection in car dealer fraud cases, we are aggressive in standing up for the rights of our clients. We will work hard to see that the wrong is corrected and you are compensated for any financial damage you have suffered.

Car Dealer Fraud

At a car dealership, fraud can take many forms. One of the most common types of fraud is selling a vehicle without disclosing that it has a history of damage, such as a salvage title due to extensive body and frame destruction or other title blemishes. Other common forms include bait and switch financing. The dealer provides you a car and promises a certain financing deal. You make your down payment and accept. Later, they call and tell you they could only get a much higher rate. They threaten to take the car back and keep your down payment if you do not agree to the new deal.

We are available to defend you against these and other forms of car dealer fraud, as well as violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Truth in Lending Act.

Lemon Law and Motor Vehicle Warranty Issues

When you purchase a new vehicle or a vehicle with a warranty, you expect that to mean something. We are here for you when that expectation is not met. If you have purchased a defective vehicle and are faced with resistance when trying to get it fixed or replaced, our team can stand by your side. If you have purchased a car with a warranty that has not been upheld, we can help.

Initial Consultations are Available

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