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Manassas Child Custody Lawyer

Solutions for Custody and Parenting Disputes

Even when couples agree on asset division, they often get hung up on child custody. The emotions that arise during divorce and disagreements about child-rearing can lead to expensive and embittering litigation.

At the law firm of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., we believe that kids need both parents. We will never fight to keep a fit parent out of the picture. You’re not going to win that battle in court anyway (without evidence of real abuse or danger).

Instead, we help clients to see the light of reason and refocus on the best interests of the child. Arrange an initial consultation with custody lawyer Tom Breeden to explore an amicable, sensible parenting agreement. We serve clients in Manassas and all communities of Prince William County.

Custody, Visitation and Parenting Agreements

In joint custody, the divorce decree names a parent of primary residence and specifies the visitation, or parenting time, for the non-custodial parent. In certain cases, shared custody (a 50-50 rotation with each parent) may work out. We work with you to negotiate a reasonable parenting plan that is flexible without being ambiguous. A well-constructed agreement reduces the conflicts that bring custody disputes back into court.

Custody Modifications

Circumstances change: One parent remarries. The child has problems at school or desires to live with the other parent. Mental illness, substance abuse or domestic violence in the home suddenly pose a risk to the child. You should have legal representation, whether a modification is mutual or contested.

Parent relocation is especially complex. To move out of Virginia with the children, the custodial parent must prove it’s in the child’s best interests (and not out of spite or whim) and does not disrupt a healthy bond with the non-custodial parent. Mr. Breeden can represent either party in relocation hearings, or negotiate changes to the visitation and child support arrangements.

Grandparents’ Rights

Virginia law does not grant visitation rights to grandparents. Any relationship with the grandchild (after a divorce or death) is at the discretion of the parents, unless the child would be seriously harmed by cutting off contact.

Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., aims for solutions that fit your family. When it is necessary for a judge to determine child custody matters, we will fight for your rights. Call us at 703-659-0188 to discuss your case in a confidential consultation.