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Manassas, Virginia Construction Law Lawyer

When you hire a construction professional for renovation, remodeling or a new building, you expect professional work and professional behavior. Unfortunately, that is not always what you get. You do not have to accept shoddy work. You can fight back. At Thomas R. Breeden, P.C. Attorney At Law, we will work hard to see that the situation is remedied and you are compensated for any damage caused.

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Attorney Thomas Breeden has 30 years of experience standing up for the rights of consumers in Manassas and throughout Virginia. At our law firm, we care about you. We are dedicated to getting you the results you deserve.

Construction Fraud

When you hire a private contractor or construction firm, you expect them to complete the job you hired them for. If they have failed to do so, we can help. We will aggressively pursue contractor disputes involving construction professionals that failed to complete or even begin a project they were paid for. Whether you hired them for home remodeling, roof work, a deck addition, driveway improvement, building a new home or any other job, our construction law office can help.

Construction Defects

Construction companies are expected to not only complete the work they are hired for, but complete it correctly. If they leave before the job is finished, or build a home with defects, they should be held responsible. You do not have to accept poor workmanship. We will actively pursue contractors and construction professionals who leave defects in their completed work, including issues involving toxic mold. We will hold them responsible for their improper work.

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