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Dealing With The Headaches Of Correcting Credit Errors And Addressing Identity Theft

Consumer credit is a big deal in the modern world. Your credit report follows you like a financial report card, determining what kind of financing you can get and on what terms. Errors in your credit report can harm your financial standing in numerous ways.

Federal law provides consumers with certain rights with regard to their credit reports. It also imposes certain requirements on financial institutions to ensure that credit reporting is fair, transparent and accurate. When banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions fail to meet those standards, they should be held accountable. Moreover, correcting errors on credit reports is critical for the financial health of consumers. Note that not every entry in a credit report can be modified. It is vital to work with an attorney for guidance and assistance in understand what is considered an error on a credit report, and in seeking to obtain corrections for the errors on any of the credit reporting systems.

Committed To Protecting Consumers Facing Credit Report Error Issues

At the law firm of Thomas R. Breeden, P.C., consumer protection lawyer Thomas R. Breeden is a strong advocate for consumers, standing up against financial giants to set things right again. You can turn to him for guidance on any kind of credit-related issue. He are committed to righting wrongs when it comes to fighting for those harmed by credit reporting errors or identity theft.

The Nightmare Of Identity Theft

Despite ever-evolving advances in security and cybersecurity, identity theft remains an ongoing issue, affecting millions of consumers across the country every year. Identity theft can create a financial nightmare for you. You may end up with significant debt on your credit report, resulting in a plummeting credit score. Even if you reach out to the credit companies to report the issue, they may not resolve it.

Computer hacking is commonly the subject matter of television shows and other forms of popular media. Unfortunately, hackers may seek to obtain vital information to gain access to an individual’s identity. These data security breaches create complex legal issues when data involves identity theft. Hackers may target an individual’s identity directly. Seeking to steal information from cellphones, financial statements in the mail or trash, as well as through schemes to hijack information using some form of card skimming technology.

Data thieves may often use information to open new accounts in the name of others. In these situations, the victim may certainly learn of the fictitious account opened in their name.  The immediate concern is to correct the situation related to the false account. However, it is also important to address credit reporting issues related to the fictitious account. This step is easy to overlook for many people. When identity theft and/or credit card fraud occurs, it is critical for victims to seek the guidance of an experienced consumer protection attorney to help ensure that all of the potential issues that may result from identity theft are addressed.

Information on credit reports related to an unauthorized account raises complex legal issues. While the first step of solving identity theft related obligations is more obviously, the full scope of a consumer’s harm may not be fully resolved without attention to the potential damage to a credit report that results from a credit reporting error tied to the fictitious account.

Consumer protection attorney Thomas R. Breeden can take swift action to ensure a positive resolution. He knows how to motivate financial institutions that aren’t taking the right measures in a timely manner.

Other Credit Errors

Mistakes on your credit report can be a huge headache. It often requires a great deal of prodding to get credit companies to fix these errors. In the meantime, your credit may be suffering, holding you back from financial opportunities.

When you work with attorney Breeden, he will work hard to resolve the error. He provides the meticulous attention to detail and the determined resolve that it takes to fix these issues.

Discuss Your Credit Concerns Involving Errors Or Identity Theft

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