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Manassas, Virginia Credit Protection Report Lawyer

An error on your credit report can have a serious impact on your life. It can prevent you from getting a loan to buy a home, a car or other important purchase. It can prevent you from getting security clearance. At the credit protection law firm of Thomas R. Breeden, we will stand up for your rights. We will aggressively pursue correction of any credit reporting errors, as well as compensation for any damages caused by the error.

E-mail us or call us at 703-659-0188 or 888-704-5385 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced credit protection attorney.

For 30 years, we have provided credit protection for consumers in Manassas and throughout Northern Virginia. Our team cares about you. We demonstrate that caring by working hard to get you results and getting you past this matter so you can move on with your life. We will stand up to creditors and any credit bureaus, including Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

Credit Report Error Resolution

A wide range of errors can sneak onto a person’s credit report. Accounts may accidentally be merged with those of relatives or people with similar names. A bill may be reported as past due when it actually was paid on time. A bank or creditor may accidentally report a foreclosure or other serious financial event. We have even seen credit reports closed because the owner was reported deceased when they were still alive. Our credit protection team is able to work with creditors and credit bureaus to resolve matters such as these bureau disputes, bank errors and other violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Credit Errors and Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the major causes of credit reporting errors. Often, the thief runs up significant debt under the victim’s name, leaving serious blemishes on their credit report. Even when the victim reports this crime to the credit bureau, the bank and other creditors, the matter may not be resolved. We will work hard to see that it is resolved.

We Offer Initial Consultations

To discuss your credit protection case with a trusted consumer defense lawyer, e-mail us or call us at 703-659-0188 or 888-704-5385 today.