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Identity Theft Links

Government websites

IdentityTheft.Gov This is the official federal governmental site for victims of identity theft.

Federal Bureau of Investigation The FBI explains common fraud schemes and how to protect yourself.

Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number Electronic fact sheet about identity theft with important government links.

California Office of Privacy Protection “California is the first state to have an agency dedicated to promoting and protecting the privacy rights of consumers.” Detailed consumer information about identity theft.

Private websites

National Consumers League The NCL, a private nonprofit advocacy group, is the oldest U.S. consumer organization. Website provides valuable information on fraud and privacy.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse The PRC is a nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to privacy education and advocacy. Extensive resources on identity theft, including what steps you should take if your identity is stolen.

Identity Theft Resource Center® The ITRC is a national nonprofit organization focused exclusively on identity theft. Resource for consumers, victims, businesses and government.

Credit Reporting Bureaus

Entities maintaining consumer credit reports.




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